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Square’s virtual payment cards now work with Apple Pay

Square Cash is expanding again.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey
Henry Dombey for Recode

Back in September, Square rolled out virtual payment cards: Digital debit cards that pull directly from a user’s Square Cash account.

Now those payment cards work with Apple Pay.

Square CEO Jack Dorsey announced the new integration with Apple at Recode’s Code Commerce event in San Francisco on Tuesday. The move means that users can take money from their Square Cash account to buy things anywhere Apple Pay is accepted.

“I’ve been using this as my primary card for about two months,” Dorsey said onstage, adding that he now uses Square’s payment card for everything from Netflix to his Blue Bottle coffee (he’s a frequent customer).

Adding Apple Pay integration is another step up for Square Cash, which was originally available only for peer-to-peer payments and recently enabled people to pay retailers through these digital payment cards.

But while those payment cards were helpful for repeat payments, like Amazon or Uber where you need to enter the card number just once for repeat purchases, they weren’t super helpful for impulse buys. You probably wouldn’t read off a debit card number to the cashier at your local grocery store, for example.

The Apple Pay integration takes care of those use cases now, too.

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