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Apple is still thinking about replacing ‘everything in your wallet,’ says Apple Pay boss Jennifer Bailey

Credit cards, transit passes — are digital ID cards next?

Henry Dombey for Recode

Apple launched Apple Pay in 2014 with a plan to try to replace your wallet. Its first service was digital payments with credit and debit cards. In the meantime, it has added support for transit passes and loyalty cards, and — as announced tonight — for Square Cash.

But what about other things that still require carrying a physical wallet, such as identification cards?

“Everything in your wallet, we’re thinking about,” Apple VP Jennifer Bailey, who runs Apple Pay, said at tonight’s Code Commerce Series event in San Francisco.

Bailey wouldn’t elaborate on plans to digitize forms of identification, such as drivers licenses, but it sounds like it’s the sort of thing Apple would like to eventually support.

Bailey did want to talk about transit, especially in Japan, where the company recently launched Apple Pay support for the country’s native Suica transit and payments system. More than a million customers are already active on Apple Pay there. And Apple’s transit customers are three times more active in the first week than traditional credit and debit users, Bailey said.

“You can expect us to do more in transit.”

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