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Jack Dorsey plans to continue running both Square and Twitter

Dorsey is CEO of two companies and that’s not changing anytime soon.

Henry Dombey for Recode

Jack Dorsey, who is simultaneously running both Twitter and Square, says he likes having two jobs — and has no plans to give up either.

“I don’t have a specific timeframe,” Dorsey said Tuesday at Recode’s Code Commerce event in San Francisco when asked how long he planned to keep two jobs.

“I want to be measured by our results,” he continued. “Our results ultimately come down to, do people want to use our products? ... My intention is to serve both companies in every way I know how and make sure that we are really focused on what’s most important for each.”

Dorsey has been famously running both companies since he took the reins at Twitter last summer, a company he co-founded, even though he was already running Square. In the 18 months since, he’s successfully taken Square public, but has seen Twitter’s stock fall by nearly 50 percent.

Twitter in particular has been under immense pressure from Wall Street over the past year. The company is still dealing with slow user growth and revenue problems, and just went through a month-long process where numerous possible acquirers took a look at the company. A deal never came together, and Twitter ended up laying off 9 percent of its staff instead.

It seems that running Twitter, at the very least, is a full-time job, though much of the important product and advertising responsibilities have recently fallen under the purview of CFO-turned-COO Anthony Noto.

But Dorsey says the on-the-ground view you get as CEO, versus something like a chairman role, is one of the main reasons he doesn’t anticipate any changes.

“As chairman you don’t see the day-to-day. You don’t see the operational aspects of the company that I think are so important, to not just opine on the direction but actually to see it through. I really love the details of our work.”

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