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Uber’s NY executive to drivers: No more price cuts

Uber’s New York general manager discussed drivers’ concerns during a monthly meeting with the new pseudo drivers union.

New York Uber Drivers Protest Rate Cuts Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

At a monthly meeting with the Independent Drivers Guild — a union-like organization that represents Uber drivers — Uber New York general manager Josh Mohrer told drivers that they shouldn’t expect any more price cuts, Recode has confirmed.

Uber declined to comment, and we don’t have many more details on whether the company will actually follow through on that promise, let alone for how long.

Uber’s fare cuts have sparked nationwide driver protests in past years, but the company has long held that it’s a necessary response to a drop in demand during slower periods like the post-holiday winter months.

(Typically, Lyft follows suit to remain competitive and drop its rates in the same markets.)

But now that Uber has struck a five-year agreement to meet with the IDG, drivers have a forum to express their concerns directly to the company’s executives and staff.

As I previously reported, Uber's agreement with the IDG looks a lot like the terms of a settlement the company agreed to forge in order to put a pair of misclassification lawsuits to rest in California and Massachusetts.

Under that agreement, the company agreed to facilitate the creation of a driver association that would meet with Uber regularly, along with a deactivation-appeals panel, so long as Uber was allowed to continue to treat drivers as independent contractors.

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