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Recode Daily: Our guide to 2017

It’s happening.

Donald Trump Snapchat spectacles Recode illustration, original photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

In this year-end edition of Recode Daily, we take a look ahead at 2017 and a look back at some of the best tech reporting of 2016.

Here are a few things Recode’s reporters and editors expect to see in the coming year:

  • In tech: IPOs from Snapchat and Uber, a million drones in the sky, stiff competition for Amazon’s Echo and the 10th anniversary of Apple's iPhone.
  • In media: Ongoing issues with fake news and the filter bubbles that come with personalization, more media mergers and more choices for digital TV services.

And here’s some good reading from the last year:

Also, on the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Lauren Goode and Peter Kafka break down all the different streaming services, and why your favorite TV show isn’t on Netflix.

Top Stories From Recode

Chinese electronics firm LeEco won’t be able to close its Vizio purchase this year

Regulatory hurdles are slowing down the $2 billion deal.

Jawbone says Fitbit is no longer seeking to block sales of its products

Of course, Jawbone isn’t selling that many fitness trackers these days either.

Apple has pulled all of Nokia’s Withings products from its online store

The move comes after Nokia sued Apple for patent infringement in courts across the globe.

This Is Cool

127 things that happened in 2016 in one drawing

From Harambe to “Hamilton.”

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