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This father built his son an Apple II out of gingerbread

Merry Christmas!

An Apple II built out of gingerbread hahabird via Imgur

Little says Christmas better than gingerbread, and nothing says nerd nostalgia better than an Apple II.

So for Christmas, nerds, we give you an Apple II made out of gingerbread, complete with a chocolate keyboard and an edible floppy disk.

Hahabird via Imgur

No, we at Recode aren’t that clever, nor are we that handy in the kitchen. Luckily, a father out there is both clever and handy, and built this with his son and then shared his creation with the world via Imgur.

In one shot, our nominee for Dad of the Year put the gingerbread Apple next to his real Apple II.

“I need to make a modem card for the Gingerbread II, then I'll be able to connect them together,” he wrote.

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