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Recode Daily: Twitter is losing two more top execs

The churn continues.

Adam Messinger

The exodus of top executives from Twitter continues. CTO Adam Messinger is leaving to take some time off after five years at the company, and Josh McFarland, VP of product, is joining venture capital firm Greylock. This year has seen the departure of COO Adam Bain and other senior executives. — [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

At the urging of Peter Thiel, the Trump transition team for NASA is adding more members who favor private-public partnerships with commercial space companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin. — [Andy Pasztor / Wall Street Journal]

A Russian criminal ring has created hundreds of thousands of fake internet users and bogus websites to defraud advertisers of as much as $5 million a day for video ads that are never watched. — [Vindu Goel / New York Times]

The first company to run a regular commercial drone delivery trial in the U.S. isn’t Amazon or Google — it’s 7-Eleven. Working with drone maker Flirtey, the company has made 77 drop-offs to customers in Reno, Nev. — [April Glaser / Recode]

Facebook, which has been pushing publishers to broadcast live video on the site, is adding an option to do the same with live audio, opening the door for radio-style programming and podcasting. — [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

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