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Apple has extended its USB dongle discounts through March

The temporary price cut is an effort to calm criticism over the lack of ports on the new MacBook Pro.

Vjeran Pavic

Apple has extended until March the discounts it is offering on the purchase of the many dongles needed to connect a recent MacBook or MacBook Pro to, well, just about anything.

The discounts, ranging from $6 to $20 on various cables, were initially offered in November as part of an effort to ease criticism over the lack of connection options on the new MacBook Pro. Originally the discounts were only through the end of the year.

The shift to new USB-C ports on both the new MacBook Pro and the ultralight MacBook means that customers can't directly plug in a flash drive or even Apple’s own iPhone. To connect those or other devices, users need one of the many separate cables or dongles sold by Apple or third parties.

Of course, not everyone is happy living the dongle life.

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