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Magic Leap’s former marketing chief is leaving to work with Andy Rubin

Brian Wallace left the VR company last month.

Google Previews New Android 3.0 'Honeycomb' Operating System Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Brian Wallace, the former chief marketing officer for Magic Leap who left the secretive VR company in November, is heading over to a new project led by Andy Rubin, according to sources.

Wallace comes from the mobile phone world. He’s previously had gigs at Samsung, BlackBerry and Google, where Rubin also used to work on mobile projects. Now Rubin runs Playground, a hardware incubator that’s looking to fund the next hit products.

Andy Rubin is known as the main creator behind Android. And until a couple of years ago, he led Google’s robotics division. Under Rubin’s leadership, Google raced to acquire a handful of promising robotics startups, including Boston Dynamics, which Google now hopes to sell.

During Wallace’s tenure at Magic Leap, the company raked in venture capital, raising more than $1.3 billion, including funds from Qualcomm Ventures and Google. Magic Leap was valued at $4.5 billion earlier this year, according to Bloomberg.

Recode reached out to Rubin to ask for additional details, but he did not immediately respond. Bloomberg reporter Mark Bergen earlier announced the move on Twitter.

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