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Starry Internet raises more money to beam broadband through the air

Former Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia raises $30 million more; he’s up to $63 million total.

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Starry Internet, the company that wants to deliver high-speed broadband over the airwaves, has more money in its bank account.

The Boston-based startup has raised $30 million, according to a form the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday; a Starry rep says the two-year-old company has now raised $63 million.

Starry’s filing doesn’t say who invested in this round, and Starry isn’t providing any more detail. But previous investors included FirstMark Capital, IAC, Tiger Global, KKR, HLVP and Quantum Strategic Partners.

Starry says it has figured out how to deliver high-speed internet wirelessly, which means it could compete with broadband monopolies and duopolies dominated by the likes of Comcast*, Charter and Verizon.

The company isn’t the only one pursuing wireless broadband. But it generates extra attention because it is CEO Chet Kanojia’s follow-up project to Aereo, the company that wanted to stream TV shows without paying TV broadcasters and networks for those shows.

The Supreme Court shut down Aereo in 2014.

Last month, Starry showed me a demo of the beta test it is running in Boston and gave me a look at some of the tech behind the service. You can see some of that in the video at the top of this post.

In February, I interviewed Kanojia about Starry’s launch and the consequences of Aereo’s shutdown:

* Comcast’s NBCUniversal is a minority investor in Vox Media, which owns this site.

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