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Super Mario Run has nearly three million downloads, but also a lot of low ratings

Plenty of people weren’t happy about its high price tag or how little was available for free.


A lot of people downloaded Super Mario Run on Thursday — three times as many as downloaded Pokémon Go on its first day — but lots of people weren’t happy with what they got.

The app, Nintendo’s first iPhone game, was downloaded more than 2.8 million times globally, according to Apptopia. That compares to 900,000 first-day downloads of Pokémon Go. Of course, Super Mario Run had the advantage of Apple’s huge marketing push as well as the fact it launched in 150 countries, as compared to Pokémon’s much more measured launch.

It has also predictably become the top download among all the free apps on Apple’s App Store.

As notable as the downloads, though, was the fact that half of the 33,000 people who rated the app gave it just one star, Apptopia said. Chief among the gripes was how little free play is offered before users have to fork over the full $9.99 price for the iPhone game.

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