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Super Mario is already running to the top of the U.S. iPhone charts

It was the most downloaded app and one of the top revenue producers in its first hour of availability.

It’s not exactly a shock, but Super Mario Run is already among the top U.S. apps in terms of both revenue and downloads.

During its first hour of availability, it was the most downloaded iPhone app in the U.S., according to analytics company Mobile Action. During the same period, it was also No. 2 among U.S. games in terms of most revenue and No. 7 among all apps.

Super Mario likely generated $1 million to $1.3 million in revenue globally, according to Mobile Action CEO Aykut Karaalioglu, who projects it will do $60 million to $65 million in revenue in its first month.

While it was expected to be downloaded quickly, the revenue numbers are a bit more impressive considering that the app is free to download, with the $9.99 fee not being a requirement until you have played for a bit.

Apple’s official App Store charts don’t yet reflect Super Mario’s release.

For more on the game, Nintendo’s first for the iPhone, here’s our guide to all things Super Mario Run.

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