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Super Mario Run is now available to download from the App Store

The wait is over.

The Verge

After making the internet wait for a few extra hours (but what seemed like an eternity), Nintendo has finally launched Super Mario Run on the App Store and it’s now available for download here.

It’s a big deal for Nintendo, as Mario Run marks the company’s long-awaited entry into the phone game space.

And it’s also a big deal for Apple, which has the exclusive on Mario Run, at least for a few months. Apple featured the game prominently at its September media event, even bringing out Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto to demo the program.

As Recode reporter Ina Fried wrote earlier this week:

Apple has good reason to want Nintendo to succeed. First off, the game sells for $10 a pop and three of those dollars go to Apple.

More importantly, the holidays are a big season for selling iPhones and it helps to have a genuine hit — all the more so if it is a title that only runs on iOS devices.

Only time will tell whether the game lives up to the hype and people actually use it for more than a few months — or if it will struggle to retain players like Pokémon Go.

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