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Is Donald Trump punishing Jack Dorsey for killing his emoji advertising campaign?

It sounds like he is.

Asa Mathat

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey didn’t get invited to Donald Trump’s CEO tech summit today in New York City where top dogs from Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook and Tesla all made an appearance to meet and chat with the president-elect.

Now we may know why.

According to Politico, Dorsey was snubbed because Trump is still upset that Twitter blocked a political ad campaign Trump was planning to run on the service before the first presidential debate this fall.

Twitter first approved the campaign, which added a cash bag emoji to tweets when someone used the hashtag #crookedhillary, but then killed the campaign because the company claims it wasn’t clearly marked as an ad.

Gary Coby / Medium

Trump and his team didn’t appreciate Twitter’s backtracking, and Trump’s director of digital advertising, Gary Coby, penned a Medium post complaining about the process.

Now it seems Trump and his team really didn’t appreciate Twitter’s response, so much so that they excluded Dorsey (or anyone else from Twitter) from Wednesday’s meeting.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on the story.

Dorsey’s exclusion from Wednesday’s meeting felt odd from the get-go, given that Trump’s campaign was basically built on the platform. He’s still an incessant tweeter. If the emoji campaign truly did lead to Dorsey’s exclusion, it’s clear that Trump isn’t just ignoring Twitter’s leadership — he’s trying to punish them.

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