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Amazon’s deal to put an Echo in all Wynn Las Vegas hotel rooms is a brilliant marketing move

Hotel partnerships just make too much sense.


It’s the type of deal that made too much sense not to happen.

Amazon announced today that it is partnering with the Wynn Las Vegas hotel to outfit all of its 4,700-plus rooms with the Amazon Echo by the summer of 2017. At launch, hotel guests will be able to talk to Echo’s Alexa voice technology to control the room’s lighting, temperature, television and drapery.

At some point in the future, streaming music and personal assistant options will be added, though it’s not clear whether Amazon customers will have to log in with their own account information.

Hotel partnerships have seemed like a no-brainer for Echo from the start. The use cases make a ton of sense and one could imagine them evolving to include things like room service in the future. A deal like this is also a way to introduce the device to a broad set of people who might not be early adopters, while also providing Amazon with the revenue boost of bulk sales.

All in all, I’d be shocked if the Echo (and Google Home) don’t become much more common in hotel rooms over the next few years.

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