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Instagram just rolled out a ‘save for later’ button

Please take notice, Twitter.


Instagram on Wednesday announced a new bookmarking feature that lets users save photos or videos for later in a private tab inside the app.

You can save things in the same way you like them — simply click the save button along the bottom of the post. Your friends won’t be able to see which posts you have saved.

It’s a small update, but there are a few other companies in Silicon Valley that should take notice.

First, Pinterest, because saving beautiful photos to a private board is exactly what Pinterest is meant for. Even the use cases Instagram mentioned in its blog post — saving “a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation” — are both core Pinterest use cases. So Instagram is stepping on Pinterest’s toes a bit here.

The second company is Twitter, primarily because we want Twitter to build a save-for-later button, too, and Instagram beat it to the punch.

The new save button is part of a free app update for iOS, Android and even Windows phone.*

*Company correction: A Facebook spokesperson clarified that the update for Windows phone will actually be rolling out in the coming weeks.

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