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Recode Daily: Carly Fiorina could be Trump’s national intelligence director

And that would be bad news for advocates of strong encryption.

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

With the insults and antagonism of the primary campaign apparently forgiven, Carly Fiorina interviewed with Donald Trump for the position of national intelligence director — troubling for Silicon Valley advocates of strong encryption. Among the topics discussed: China (which Fiorina called “probably our most important adversary”) and “purported Russian hacking.” — [Jon Swartz / USA Today]

Trump tweeted late Monday that he would make no new business deals while in office and will turn over control of his business to his sons before his inauguration. Trump postponed until January a press conference, originally set for Thursday, to explain how he will disentangle himself from the many conflict-of-interest issues presented by his holdings. — [Kevin Cirilli, Caleb Melby and Ben Brody / Bloomberg]

The owner of CBS and Viacom has called off plans to merge the two, likely because CBS CEO Les Moonves, who was tapped to run the merged company, couldn’t get the terms he was seeking. That leaves the door open for CBS to seek a merger with another media or tech company. — [Edmund Lee / Recode]

Apple is considering investing up to $1 billion in a $100 billion technology fund being led by SoftBank and Saudi Arabia. Apple’s participation could win favor with Trump, who has praised the fund’s plans for U.S. investments and has pressed Apple to increase domestic manufacturing. — [Liz Hoffman and Tripp Mickle / Wall Street Journal]

Bill Gates says the billion dollar clean energy fund that he and other investors have formed will pursue innovative technologies regardless of Trump administration policies. Still, he’ll try to convince the president-elect that such investments make sense even for those who don’t believe in climate change. — [Ina Fried / Recode]

Silicon Valleys top tech execs should be ashamed of themselves for meekly acquiescing to a meeting with Trump without publicly responding to his attacks and vigorously challenging him on the many issues where they disagree. — [Kara Swisher / Recode]

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