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Here’s how to watch Twitter’s Jack Dorsey interview Edward Snowden today

The interview will be broadcast live on Periscope.

Asa Mathat; Frederick M. Brown / Getty

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will interview CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden via video conference Tuesday morning, and you’ll be able to watch the conversation for free online.

The simplest way to watch is by visiting the @PardonSnowden Twitter account, which will tweet out a Periscope broadcast that you can watch directly from your Twitter feed.

That option is watch-only, though. If you’d like to interact with the video by posting a comment, for example, you’ll need to download the Periscope app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store.

Twitter is not promoting this video like the other livestreamed content it’s been pushing the past six months. Those videos, like the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” games and Bloomberg’s television programs, get special notifications and placement along the righthand side of the Twitter feed. The company tells us the Dorsey-Snowden interview won’t get that same treatment.

The interview starts at 9:05 am PT Tuesday.

Update: Here’s the live Periscope stream of Snowden’s interview.

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