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Twitter has acquired startup Yes, Inc. and is making its CEO head of product

Keith Coleman will fill a job that has been vacant for six months.


Twitter has a new VP of product: Keith Coleman, CEO of Yes, Inc., a consumer mobile app startup that Twitter has acquired, the company announced Thursday.

Coleman and Yes’ six other employees are all joining Twitter in product and design roles as part of the deal, and Coleman will take over the day-to-day leadership of “Bluebird,” the core Twitter app and service.

A Twitter spokesperson declined to comment on deal terms, but Yes is shutting down its two mobile apps — wyd, for sharing status updates (sounds familiar), and Frenzy for making plans with friends — so this is clearly a talent acquisition.

Coleman will take on what has become one of the toughest jobs in Silicon Valley — running Twitter’s core product, which is often held up as the main reason the company has struggled to grow its user base over the past two years. Many believe it’s too hard to use, especially for newcomers, plus there’s that whole abuse issue.

As a result, Twitter’s VP of product role has been a revolving door ever since its IPO in late 2013. It’s actually been vacant for the past six months. So bringing in Coleman was long overdue.

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