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Recode Daily: Donald Trump will be the next president. Now what?

Uncertainty reigns.

Japanese currency traders monitor the U.S. election results.
Yuya Shino / Getty Images

Donald Trump gave his victory speech in the middle of the night. Hillary Clinton has yet to speak publicly. The markets lurched when it became clear that Trump would be the 45th president. But they’ve recovered a bit overnight. — [Bloomberg]

Trump’s stunning win will trigger many post-mortems. Why, for instance, did almost every poll — including the Republican National Committee’s private poll -- get this wrong? — [Kenneth Vogel / Politico]

Facebook has made a couple of attempts to launch a Snapchat clone, and neither caught on. Now it's trying again with Flash, this time targeting emerging markets where Snapchat doesn’t yet dominate. — [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

Project Wing, the drone unit of Google parent Alphabet, has dropped plans for a partnership with Starbucks and is trimming its head count, part of a broader Alphabet effort to rein in spending. — [Mark Bergen / Bloomberg]

Beleaguered GoPro recalled its new Karma drone because some units lost power during operation. The stock, which plunged 20 percent after last week’s earnings report, dropped 9 percent on the news. — [April Glaser / Recode]

Walgreens is suing controversial blood-testing startup Theranos, its former partner, for $140 million, alleging breach of contract. The suit is sealed, but reportedly claims Theranos misled Walgreens about the state of its technology when the partnership was formed. — [Wall Street Journal]

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