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The financial markets are freaking out right now as Trump pulls ever closer

Donald Trump is shocking the whole world right now. He could very plausibly win the presidency, and financial markets are freaking out.

The Dow Jones futures market has plunged more than 790 points in after-hours trading — a whiplash move eerily similar to what happened back in June after Brexit unexpectedly won the referendum in the United Kingdom:

This has been the pattern all election season, as my colleague Timothy B. Lee has noted. Whenever Trump’s odds of victory improve, the stock market dips.

Bloomberg notes that a whole host of other financial indicators are currently plummeting as well:

Betting markets are also shifting sharply toward Trump right now.

It’s pretty clear that many investors were expecting a Clinton victory — and that hasn’t panned out after Trump performed surprisingly well in Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Both the New York Times’ Upshot and FiveThirtyEight’s election models currently suggest that Trump is favored.

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