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DJI is trying to deliver its delayed Mavic Pro drone by the end of the year

Some preorders won’t ship for another seven to eight weeks.


DJI’s hyped Mavic Pro drone is still experiencing shipping setbacks.

The company published a blog post today noting that orders for one of the small, foldable aircraft placed before Nov. 3 may not ship for seven to eight weeks — roughly the end of 2016.

As Recode reported a couple of weeks ago, customers were complaining when they still hadn’t heard word about when they’d receive their $999 aircraft nearly a week after it was supposed to ship in mid-October.

DJI has since started sending out some Mavics, but apparently the whole process is going slower than some customers had expected.

The company wrote in a blog post today that one reason for the delay has to do with problems integrating one of the parts in the manufacturing process, but it says that’s been resolved.

DJI’s website now estimates new orders placed today will ship “within December, on a first-come, first-served basis."

DJI made quite a buzz this September when the company announced it was coming out with the new, super-lightweight Mavic Pro that could fold up to the size of a water bottle. The Mavic is packed with artificial intelligence that can be controlled by gesture recognition and even follow behind people to record as they run or bike.

The drone maker opened preorders for the Mavic Pro right away, and many hoped the drone would be available for holiday gift-giving.

Correction: A previous version of this story incorrectly described the slow Mavic Pro shipping times, quantified in its blog post, as a new, second shipping delay.

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