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We imagined a woke male feminist president. He sounds like this.

The 2016 election was a tough year for women. Between the Brock Turner verdict, the Zika virus, and Ryan Gosling having a second baby, it was already pretty rough. And now Donald Trump (a man whom, according to a Gallup poll earlier this year, seven out of 10 women held unfavorable opinions of) is running for president, and just like man buns, women don’t get the appeal.

As many as 17 women have accused him of sexually assaulting, groping, or harassing them, yet he has a chance of being elected to the White House.

What would a woke male feminist president say in response to all of this? Don’t worry — I imagined it so you don’t have to. Tony Goldwyn, who plays President Fitzgerald Grant in Shonda Rhimes’s hit show Scandal, read an address to the men of the nation that I conjured up — and added his own twist — to share a necessary feminist message.

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