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Hackers took down the computer system for San Francisco’s Muni metro line

Fares were free on Saturday.

Day Two Of San Francisco Transit Workers' 'Sickout' Causes Commuting Delays Throughout City Justin Sullivan / Getty
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Internet hackers crashed the computer system of San Francisco’s Muni rail system this week, knocking ticket kiosks offline and giving riders a free ride.

A spokesperson told San Francisco’s CBS affiliate that the system “opened the fare gates as a precaution to minimize customer impact.” Rides were free all day on Saturday, into Sunday morning.

Sources told San Francisco’s CBS affiliate on Saturday that the system had been hacked for days. Spokespeople didn’t respond to requests for comment from Recode on Sunday but told CBS they didn’t know who was behind it or what they wanted.

Muni’s email system was also reportedly compromised and employees weren’t sure if they would get paid this week.

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