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New Yorkers are lining up around the block and into the subway to buy Snap’s new Spectacles

It’s pretty cold out, too.


New Yorkers are going crazy over Spectacles, Snap’s new video-recording sunglasses.

Snap, which has been selling its glasses out of a vending machine, launched a pop-up shop in New York City this weekend to sell the new gadgets. (The store is right across the street from Apple’s Fifth Avenue location, which doesn’t feel at all coincidental.)

I knew the lines were long, but then I saw this video from Mashable’s Sam Sheffer. Wow. It goes around the block, around another block, then down and back up a set of subway steps before extending another 100 yards or so. “I estimate probably 400 people are on line,” Sheffer said while walking the line on Facebook Live. Plus? It was 40 degrees in New York City when this was filmed.

I wrote over the weekend that I thought Snap’s marketing around Spectacles has been brilliant, in part because the public nature of buying and waiting for Spectacles has created a feeling of perceived demand. That demand appears to be very very real in New York.

Here’s the video. Fast forward to the 21:45 mark to see the full line.

Snapchat Spectacles line in NYC!

Nai-post ni Mashable noong Martes, Nobyembre 22, 2016

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