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‘SNL’ spoofs the very real San Francisco and New York City culture bubbles

“We’ll be fine — right here in the bubble.”


Well played, “Saturday Night Live.” Very. Well. Played.

The cast of “SNL” produced a skit called “The Bubble” this weekend that spoofed the San Francisco and New York culture bubbles, which are very real. The skit depicts a city, literally covered in a bubble, for “like-minded free-thinkers” in disbelief over Donald Trump’s recent election victory.

“If you’re an open-minded person, come here and close yourself in,” says “SNL’s” pitchman. “In here, it’s like the election never happened.”

The Bubble comes equipped with hybrid cars, used book stores and multi-million dollar single-bedroom apartments. So you know the “SNL” writers did their research.

“It’s their America now. We’ll be fine, right here in The Bubble.”

Sounds like a great place to live!

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