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Watch Stephen Colbert destroy Apple over its $300 coffee-table book

And the video won’t cost you a penny.

There has been no shortage of jokes about Apple’s decision to release a $300 coffee-table book highlighting its products. But, in perhaps the best takedown, late-night talk-show host Stephen Colbert created a parody mimicking the videos Apple typically uses to introduce new products.

“We were able to take an experience that was instantly familiar and charge $300 for it,” the faux Jony Ive states.

Other narrators highlight some key features of the Apple book including its “touch page technology” that lets you swipe to move from one page to the next.

“The Apple book’s pages are sequential,” one voice-over states. “60 is followed by 61, which is followed by 62, followed by 63 and so on.”

The actual book, which went on sale this week, comes in $200 and $300 versions.

Colbert’s video ripping said book to shreds, meanwhile, is free.

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