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Donald Trump says his tweeting as president will be ‘very restrained,’ even as he trolls the New York Times today

Same old, same old!

President-elect Donald Trump on "60 Minutes" Chris Albert/CBS

In an interview on “60 Minutes” that airs tonight, President-elect Donald J. Trump said that he is not keen to give up his platform as Tweeter-in-Chief when he takes office in January.

“I’m not saying I love it, but it does get the word out,” said Trump about the social communications platform that he has used effectively, in a wide-ranging interview about numerous topics. “When you give me a bad story, or when you give me an inaccurate story, I have a method of fighting back.”

But, insisted Trump, if he tweets as president, he would be “very restrained,” which would be a very big deal since he’s pretty much the Vesuvius of Twitter. A calmed-down Donald Trump on Twitter? Say it ain’t so.

It ain’t! Not today at least, since after a week of relatively benign they-love-me-they really-love-me posts about everyone congratulating him on his victory, he tore into the New York Times today about their reporting. In one case, he took issue with their reporting that he had said that more countries might need to possess nuclear weapons, which he did actually say to the Times in an interview in March.

But in Twitter troll mode, Trump denied saying what he said, which was: “The bottom line is, I think that frankly, as long as North Korea’s there, I think that Japan having a capability is something that maybe is going to happen whether we like it or not.”

He also took two more completely unsubstantiated swipes at the Times, which did not seem even a smidge restrained.

Well, it is a lazy Sunday, so there’s that.

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