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Embrace anti-reality: One of Peter Thiel’s partners pens an anti-Trump manifesto that is actually sensible

Founders Fund’s Geoff Lewis begs us all to get off social media and really engage.

Republican National Convention: Day Four
Peter Thiel appeared at the Republican National Convention earlier this year.
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As Geoff Lewis notes in what is a pretty remarkable post on Medium this afternoon, titled “#TurnOnReality,” he might be in big trouble for what he wrote today about his opposition to Donald Trump and what he thinks we all should do about it.

“If some of the most frightening rumors are true, than I will face retaliation just for writing these words today,” wrote Lewis, referring to remarks by Trump followers promising retribution for those who did not and will not not fall into line.

And what words they are, especially when you know they’re coming from a partner of high-profile Trump support Peter Thiel at his Founders Fund. Unlike Thiel, Lewis is not a fan of our new president.

“Only this isn’t just another Twitter war. This is the most powerful nation in the one world we’ve got, folks,” wrote Lewis. “And while I hope to be proven wrong in years to come, from what I’ve seen thus far, a world in which President Trump makes any sense at all is not a world I want my grandchildren to inherit.”

Well, that’s certainly a clear statement! But Lewis, who writes with hardly any invective, offers some solutions, which are much needed at this time, declaring that the time we spend on social media and self-selecting whose views we see, is an issue.

Geoff Lewis
Geoff Lewis, partner at the Founders Fund

As Lewis notes:

We must stop endlessly curating our personal brands in our digital echo chambers. We must make the time and space to tend to one another, leaving the comfort of our known audiences so as to bring comfort to those who are different — and probably even voted differently.

We must tune out of Reality TV 2.0 so that we’re able to tune in to reality once again. We must do this right away in order to soberly assess and rapidly react to the radical change that President-elect Donald J. Trump has promised is in store for the United States of America.

Instead, he advises that we stop all that and begin to engage with each other, noting that “if we’re not to be silenced, we can’t waste our voices.” His suggestion is to engage with others who disagree with us and promises to chronicle stories from “Trump’s America” going forward on his blog.

But Lewis also remains wary in his last pledge: “I’ll wish President-elect Trump the very best of luck. I’ll hope for the very best, but I’ll prepare for the very worst.”

Me too.

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