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Here’s a viral Facebook video that you wish was not, of a woman getting bashed as a ‘stalker’ from the Middle East

It’s going to be a hard few years online and off.

This woman really needs to calm down.
NBC Bay Area

The viral videos of hate speech across the internet have been increasing in appalling horror since the election of Donald J. Trump as president of the United States earlier this week. That includes a group of obviously braindead Michigan high school students yelling “build the wall” to distraught Latino students.

Much like the spate of police shooting videos that have electrified the debate over police brutality, this genre is a chronicle of cruelty that is hard to watch, even though it must be.

Now in the typically more tolerant Bay Area, Ivet Lolham posted a particularly nasty one on Facebook of a clearly unhinged woman screaming at her on the BART and calling her a “stalker from the Middle East” and declaring that “Trump might deport you.”

Wrote Lolham in her post on the social network, which now has 3.3 million views:

I was on the BART going home after a long day and this lady right here heard me talk Assyrian on the phone. You can see what happened next.

Like Ellen DeGeneres always says, "be kind to one another."

#TrumpSupporter #peopleneedtocalmdown #Idontfeelsafeanymore #really #Bekindtooneanother #GodhelpAmerica

What follows is flatly disgusting, as are all these incidents. It should be noted that Trump has yet to decry any of them.

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