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Speakable’s Jordan Hewson explains why she thinks the key to promoting credible activism is in hard news

The CEO wants to make sure participating in civic activism is as easy as hailing an Uber.

In the wake of the presidential election, Facebook has come under fire for disseminating an onslaught of fake news stories that many argue led to president-elect Donald Trump’s victory. Mark Zuckerberg says that is a “crazy idea.”

But that’s why Jordan Hewson, the founder of social action company Speakable, says her company embeds buttons that connect readers directly to methods of civic action in hard news stories.

“We wanted to promote credible activism,” she told The Verge’s Lauren Goode at An Evening with Code Mobile on Thursday. “Activism that was educated, informed, so people reading strong journalistic content had the right information and responsibility to take an informed action.”

But the company is also exploring the role of social networks in promoting activism.

“I think we would love to expand the company into social networks and work with Snapchat and Facebook and Twitter,” she said. “You have to think about where people are most primed to take action. Is it where they are learning about social issues or where they’re talking about social issues? And that’s a big question for our company right now.”

When asked whether they are in conversation with some of these companies, Hewson said, “We might be.”

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