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Recode Daily: Peter Thiel helps Donald Trump move into the White House

The list of potential cabinet appointees is full of campaign operatives and Washington insiders.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

Billionaire investor Peter Thiel, Silicon Valley’s most prominent Donald Trump supporter, will be joining the Trump transition team. Meanwhile, names being floated for cabinet appointments include a mix of Trump surrogates and inner-circle members, campaign staffers, congressional allies and Washington insiders. — [Dan Primack / LinkedIn]

Dont blame Facebook for Trump, says Mark Zuckerberg, who says it’s “crazy” to think fake news stories on his platform moved the election. “I do think that there is a certain profound lack of empathy in asserting that the only reason why someone could have voted the way that they did was because they saw some fake news.” — [Kurt Wagner / Recode]

The FCC has told AT&T that its DirecTV Now digital video service may violate net neutrality rules and obstruct competition because it will be exempt from data-usage caps for AT&T’s wireless customers. — [Thomas Gryta / Wall Street Journal]

Googles Daydream View VR headset is now shipping, but onstage at An Evening with Code Mobile, Clay Bavor, the company’s VR chief, said the ultimate goal is to make Android the primary operating system for virtual reality. Devices like the View and Samsung’s Gear VR will help introduce the medium to the mass market, said Oculus mobile chief Max Cohen, but the full experience will require pricier equipment. Full coverage of the event here. — [Ina Fried and Eric Johnson / Recode]

In its latest rebuttal to EU antitrust charges, Google maintained that Android has expanded competition and offers choice and flexibility to developers and users. Google said the EU case mistakenly ignores the competition from Apple’s iPhone. — [Foo Yun Chee / Reuters]

Jim VandeHei, who co-founded Politico and is working on a new media startup, is joining us at an Evening with Code Media, on Nov. 30 in New York. Also onstage: Turner’s John Martin and BuzzFeed U.K. boss Janine Gibson. Apply here for an invitation. — [Peter Kafka / Recode]

On the latest episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, Russell Brandom of The Verge offers some guidance on encryption for those concerned about protecting their privacy after the election of Donald Trump. — [Eric Johnson / Recode]

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