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The Daily Show goes 4 years into a Trump presidency. It’s apocalyptic.

John Oliver is arrested and deported on air.

The Daily Show canceled. CNN shut down. John Oliver arrested and deported.

That was the world that The Daily Show imagined in the event that Donald Trump becomes president.

"Picture the worst thing you can think of," the words flashed on a screen of apocalyptic images. "Not that bad, but it’s close. Now with only a few days left, President Trump is confident he can secure a second term."

The screen switched to a world four years in the future, in which Trump has been president for four years. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah rises from a destroyed, abandoned version of his studio — one that resembles a bunker more than a TV set.

The Daily Show

"I’ve come out of hiding to broadcast one more episode of The Daily Show," Noah said. "I know I’m taking a risk. I’m risking my life and yours by broadcasting this show. But with the election just days away, it’s a risk worth taking, people."

Throughout the segment, The Daily Show imagines several parts of a potential Trump election: an economic collapse, the ongoing construction of a wall that Mexico never actually paid for, automated stop-and-frisk in inner cities, and a National Anthem that’s all about Trump.

"Even if the candidate you like isn’t in this election, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote," Noah said, in what sounds like a thinly veiled pitch for Hillary Clinton. "Hell, vote for anyone. You could even vote for the Woman of the Woods, Elizabeth Warren. Yeah, I know her policies might raise taxes — but at least she has a plan!"

Watch the full segment above.

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