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Donald Trump is ‘not unproud of’ his early morning tweetstorms

“It’s a very effective way of communication.”

Candidates Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Hold Second Presidential Debate At Washington University Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Twitter is for sale, but it’s having a hard time finding potential buyers.

Maybe an endorsement from Donald Trump will help.

During the second presidential debate Sunday night, moderator Anderson Cooper asked Trump if he had the self-control necessary to inhabit the White House.

Cooper was particularly interested in the early morning tweetstorm Trump launched last month: “Is that the discipline of a good leader?”

You bet it is, said Trump. Then, after denying he told Twitter followers to “check out” Alicia Michado’s “sex tape” — which he did — and attacking Clinton over Benghazi, Trump got back to the virtues of Twitter.

Here’s his full statement. See if this helps, Jack Dorsey:

“Tweeting happens to be a modern-day form of communication. I mean, you can like it or not like it. I have, between Facebook and Twitter, I have almost 25 million people. It’s a very effective way of communication. So you can put it down, but it is a very effective form of communication. I’m not unproud of it, to be honest with you.”

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