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Google and Disney won’t be bidding on Twitter | Recode Daily: October 6, 2016

An Apple bid is unlikely, too.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
Kimberly White/Getty Images for Vanity Fair

.Sources tell Recode that Google and Disney have decided not to go after Twitter and that an Apple bid is unlikely as well. That would seem to leave Salesforce, whose CEO, Mark Benioff, was noncommittal in an interview Wednesday. Meanwhile, amid some internal turmoil, Twitter is aiming to wrap up the sale negotiations by the end of the month. But first someone has to actually bid ...
[Kara Swisher and Kurt Wagner | Recode]

.Yahoo scanned all the incoming mail of its users for a time last year under an order from a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge to search for the digital "signature" of a state-sponsored, foreign terrorist organization.
[Charlie Savage and Nicole Perlroth | New York Times]

.Burdened by regulatory sanctions and fraud allegations, blood-testing startup Theranos said it would close its labs and wellness centers and lay off about 340 employees, about 40 percent of its workforce. Founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes said the company would focus on creating miniature medical testing machines.
[John Carreyrou and Christopher Weaver | Wall Street Journal]

.As if it didn't have enough to worry about (what with a "safe" Galaxy Note 7 smoldering on a plane), Samsung is under pressure from activist hedge fund Elliott Management to overhaul its "unnecessarily complex" ownership structure. Samsung said it would think about it.
[Jonathan Cheng and David Benoit | Wall Street Journal]

.On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, veteran broadcaster Keith Olbermann said modern media isn't responsible for the rise of Donald Trump — demagogues like Huey Long and Joe McCarthy were able to exploit fears long before cable TV came along.
[Eric Johnson | Recode]

By Peter Kafka
It’s the newest company from Babble co-founder Alisa Volkman.
By April Glaser
Wikileaks threatened to leak documents about the internet search giant yesterday morning.
By Ina Fried
The Korean phone maker wants to compete against Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant.
By Jason Del Rey
Forget AWS. Without Prime, Amazon is nothing.
By Walt Mossberg
Intelligent, integrated hardware and software are powerful weapons.
By Dan Frommer
Recode founders Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg reminisce about hosting Jobs at the D conference.
By Kurt Wagner
Snapchat has launched its ads API.
By Johana Bhuiyan
In the self-driving universe, this is actually a good thing.
By Eric Johnson
"I think it's a completely honest thing to want to do business. ... But there is a limit to everything."
Researchers at Lund University in Sweden have put together a 3-D model showing the original state of the home of a wealthy resident of the ancient doomed city.

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