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Donald Trump made it 6 minutes into the VP debate before tweeting something bizarre

A few minutes into the debate, Trump went after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly.

Six minutes after the vice presidential debate’s official start time, Donald Trump had already tweeted something truly bizarre.

The tweet came after Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly said that Trump won’t be able to tweet unless he gets approval from Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway. Trump found the claim factually inaccurate, since Conway is at the debate in Virginia and he’s in Nevada.

Let’s put this in perspective: The vice presidential debate is happening right now. It is a time when the campaigns are supposed to let their vice presidential candidates shine in the spotlight. Yet Trump — who is actually tweeting with the supervision of several campaign aides — decided to try to start a random feud with Kelly about an offhand remark she made on-air. And not only that, he plans to live-tweet the debate for the rest of the night — potentially taking even more attention away from the stage.

This is a very weird presidential campaign.

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