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Salesforce is buying marketing-data startup Krux for $700 million | Recode Daily: October 4, 2016

Krux's software helps marketers to better target customers.

Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff
Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff
Asa Mathat

.Salesforce is buying Krux, a company that mines and analyzes data to help marketers identify and target audience segments. The ad-tech deal will cost Salesforce about $700 million; it comes at the beginning of its annual "Dreamforce" extravaganza in San Francisco.
[Monica Langley | Wall Street Journal]

.A faster and more responsive regulatory system is giving the United Kingdom an advantage over the U.S. in paving the way for commercial deliveries by drone. Meanwhile, AirMap, a California-based drone-mapping startup, is adding some U.K. talent: Richard Deakin, former CEO of NATS, the company that helps run Britain's national air-traffic control system.
[April Glaser | Recode]

.In a walk-through of some of Google's autonomous-vehicle technology, project head Dmitri Dolgov explained that the company's ultimate goal isn't building cars — it's aiming to build an ideal driver, able not just to detect humans and objects, but to understand and react to their behavior.
[Johana Bhuiyan | Recode]

.Facebook made a move into Craigslist's territory (and potentially a moderation mess) with the introduction of Marketplace, a dedicated section in its app where members can list and browse used goods for sale. Expect to hear more when Mary Ku, Facebook’s commerce chief, takes the stage at Recode's Code Commerce event on Oct. 25 in Las Vegas.
[Jason Del Rey | Recode]

.Amazon has banned most "incentivized" reviews from customers who are given free or discounted products from sellers or brands — previously allowed with a disclosure. One exception will be Amazon's Vine program, in which Amazon, not the product's provider, chooses the reviewers.
[Nick Statt | The Verge]

.Google's hardware event starts at 9 am PT today. Watch the livestream and follow along with Recode's liveblog.
[April Glaser | Recode]

.You were planning to watch tonight's vice-presidential debate, right? Right?? Here are all your viewing options on TV and online.
[Peter Kafka | Recode]

By Kurt Wagner
Emojis, anyone?
By Bob O'Donnell
Google’s new OS is expected to bring some of the desktop-like capabilities of Chrome into Android to form a super OS that will be able to compete directly with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
Toyota unveiled a four-inch-tall companion robot in Japan that's designed with an infant's big eyes and high-pitched voice and comes with a cradle designed to fit into a car's cup holder. Something to do with Japan's plummeting birth rate.

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