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This drone footage shows the total devastation of an Italian town by Sunday’s earthquake

It was the most powerful earthquake to strike Italy in 36 years.

Considerable Damage To Historic Town As 6.6 Magnitude Earthquake Hits Giuseppe Bellini / Getty Images

Drone footage taken by Italy’s fire and rescue agency reveals devastation after a 6.6 magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy Sunday morning. It was the most powerful earthquake to strike Italy in 36 years.

At least 15,000 people are now displaced in the region, where towns and villages are left in ruins, including several historic buildings. No deaths have been reported.

Central Italy is still struggling to rebuild after a 6.2 magnitude quake killed nearly 300 people in August.

Italian officials also deployed drones and robots to survey damage in the aftermath of the August quake. Ground robots checked structurally unstable buildings, while drones were flown to investigate and provide a bird’s-eye view of the damage. The ground robots were used to create a 3-D map of severe damage to historic fourteenth century churches only days after the August earthquake to help plan recovery efforts with Italian authorities.

Drones are becoming a staple of post-disaster recovery efforts, since they are much faster, cheaper and often provide more precise footage than a helicopter.

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