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Hands-on with Apple’s new MacBook Pro: Watch as we touch the new Touch Bar

With video!

The Verge

While Apple covered a lot of details during its keynote, there were a few lingering questions in our minds, some of which we just got answered by getting some hands-on time with the new MacBook Pro.

We also got some first impressions of the device. As expected, it’s super light and the Touch Bar looks like the kind of thing that those who spend all day on a laptop will grow to really love. (It might prove too pricey a nice-to-have for casual laptop users, though.)

Here are a few other noteworthy tidbits:

  • Yes, the MacBook Air is sticking around. While the new MacBook Pro is every bit as thin and light, it’s quite a bit more expensive, so the MacBook Air remains important for reaching into a few more affordable price points. The 13-inch MacBook Air will remain on sale for all customers, while the 11-inch model will be available for education customers.
  • All developers will be able to do what Apple showed in terms of creating commands for the Touch Bar. Adobe and Microsoft already have done work in that area: Photoshop was shown onstage, while Excel was working with Touch Bar commands in the hands-on area.
  • There are tons of emoji on the Touch Bar.

We also got a few more answers when Apple product marketing executive Greg Joswiak happened into our live Periscope, which is embedded below and worth a watch.

And here’s some more hands-on video, with a deeper look at how the Touch Bar looks in different apps.

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