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Shark in the Tank for Hillary: Cuban and Sacca are hosting a fundraiser for techies in SF this week

The voluble pair will talk tech and trash Trump.

Mark Cuban and Chris Sacca on “Shark Tank”

Chris Sacca and Mark Cuban, two of tech’s most voluble entrepreneurs, are bringing their colorful show to San Francisco this week to raise money for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The pair, who appear together on the show “Shark Tank,” will host a special reception on Tuesday for donors who pay $5,000. But they are also offering general admission tickets of $100 for those who want to see Sacca interview Cuban onstage at a venue in the South of Market section of San Francisco.

“We wanted to make it affordable for people doing startups and also give them something to think about,” said Sacca in an interview today. “Mark has never done a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, so this is special.”

Sacca’s invite began by noting: “This election couldn't be more insane. Are you literally losing sleep like I am? It's hard to fathom the disaster that would result from that guy winning.”

Thus, it’s time for some education laced with entertainment: “Mark and I will discuss everything from Hillary to Shark Tank to Sharknado to startups to how good it must feel to be under Donald Trump's skin. You know Mark always brings heat.”

Sacca added that he and Cuban will talk about why he switched his views on Republican candidate Donald Trump — Cuban initially liked the idea of the businessman sticking it to politicians — and toward Clinton.

Cuban got a lot of press last week when he sat front and center at the first debate as a guest of Clinton, which many saw as a way to psych out the volatile Trump. It worked!

“Mark could have run himself because wherever we travel to you can see how much of a fan base he has and how many people really believe in him,” said Sacca. “But he is like an opposite of Trump, so I think a lot of people will be interested in hearing what he has to say.”

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