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Joss Whedon’s Super PAC imagines a weather forecast under President Trump. It’s … bleak.

Keegan-Michael Key’s weatherman promises “heavy waves of denial” and “high blood pressure fronts.”

Joss Whedon’s superpowered Super PAC is at it again.

Save the Day launched in September and counts many of Whedon’s famous friends — from Mark Ruffalo to Robert Downey Jr. to Keegan-Michael Key — among its ranks. The group’s first missive was a star-studded affair that begged people to vote in the upcoming presidential election.

Now Save the Day has imagined what a weather report might look like in the event that Donald Trump is elected president — and woof is it bleak.

As outlined by a relentlessly cheery meteorologist played by Key, President Trump’s initial days in office will bring "a heavy wave of denial" from the coasts, "trapping a high blood pressure front right in the middle of the country." Then, he says through a panicked grin, "down South, that’s going to put civil unrest back to the mid- to early '60s."

It only gets worse from there, as the forecast takes a dark turn, with a nuclear winter accelerating climate change and a "rise in both temperature and existential misery."

The rest of the clip is packed with jokes about how smug Canada will feel if Trump wins and warnings about a Trump-inspired Wall Street becoming a "suckhole" that could sink all 50 states.

And though Key never mentions Hillary Clinton by name, the message of whom Save the Day would like you to vote for becomes clear when he cuts to a crying morning show host, whom he immediately rebuffs. "You voted for Jill Stein, you thoughtless ass! Now suck it up like the rest of us," he says, as an ominous black cloud engulfs the entirety of the United States map behind him.

As Enver Gjokaj’s determinedly upbeat news anchor summarizes, it’s all "pretty dark stuff." But with only three weeks to go until Election Day — and voter registration deadlines closing in across the country — Save the Day clearly sees no need to mince its words about the importance of not sitting out this election cycle.