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Hillary Clinton gets a Snapchat interview, but Donald Trump doesn’t want one

Clinton is coming to you, millennials.

Hillary Clinton Campaigns At Voter Registration Event In Detroit Justin Sullivan / Getty

Young people don’t watch a ton of TV. But they do use Snapchat. One candidate, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, has figured that out.

Clinton will appear on Snapchat’s TV-style politics show, “Good Luck America,” on Tuesday, answering questions from Snapchat’s head of news Peter Hamby about “what she was like as a young person, early career aspirations, and how she spent Friday and Saturday nights in college,” the company said in an email release Monday.

Clinton’s counterpart, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, won’t appear on the show; he declined Snapchat’s interview request, according to a company spokesperson.

It’s not as if hearing from Clinton (or Trump) is rare. But hearing from them on Snapchat still is. Clinton technically has a Snapchat account, and the company has been covering the debate, with Hamby, a former CNN journalist, spearheading those efforts.

But the 2016 election is certainly the first in which Snapchat has played any kind of a role, and getting one-on-one screen time with Clinton a month before the polls open? Well, that’s a nice indication of how socially important Snapchat has become.

The episode comes out at 6 am ET Tuesday, and will exist on Snapchat for 48 hours. Here’s a short preview of the five-minute-long segment.

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