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Twitter, not Facebook, will livestream BuzzFeed’s election night coverage

Twitter and BuzzFeed have a new streaming deal in place.

Jessica Kourkounis / Getty

Twitter has secured live election night coverage from an unlikely supplier: BuzzFeed.

The two announced an exclusive deal Thursday in which Twitter will stream a live TV-style broadcast produced by BuzzFeed News’s political team on election night. The special will include commercials, and the two companies will share the ad revenue.

Twitter has streamed political coverage from a number of different sources this year, partnering with CBS’ streaming news network for the political conventions and Bloomberg for the presidential debates.

Now it’s working exclusively with BuzzFeed, which creates a lot of live video (remember the exploding watermelon thing?), but hardly produces any live TV-style video.

Speaking of the exploding watermelon thing, that was streamed live on Facebook, which actually pays BuzzFeed to make live videos for its platform. So why, then, is BuzzFeed streaming its election show on Twitter?

“Everyone obsessed with politics will be on Twitter,” said BuzzFeed Editor in Chief Ben Smith. “That’s where we’re all going to be on election night.”

Reminder: Election night is Nov. 8, not Nov. 28.

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