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Code Enterprise: The new age of work is here with Dropbox, Facebook’s Workplace, Lyft and Uptake Technologies

We’ve said it once, we’ll say it again: The way we work is changing fast, and you need to pay attention.

As we near 2020, one thing has become clear: There is little that has been left untouched by advancements that have come out of Silicon Valley. The tech industry has transformed everything from our smartphones to the way we share information to transportation.

That’s especially true in the workplace and why we’ve put together a stellar lineup of speakers to join us onstage at our Code Enterprise conference in San Francisco on November 14 and 15.

You need to listen.

Just this week, Facebook launched a service called Workplace — formerly known as Facebook at Work — to the public. It’s Facebook’s answer to Slack and it marks the company’s initial foray into the world of enterprise solutions. It’s literally a Facebook for your co-workers and is the company’s attempt to own conversations you’d have on the job — which takes up at least eight hours of your day. That’s why we’ve invited Monica Adractas and Julien Codorniou of Workplace to join us onstage.

In that same vein, Dropbox COO Dennis Woodside will talk about how the company is faring in a market also occupied by Google’s document-sharing service, made ubiquitous by the popularity of its sister service Gmail. Amid reports that the company may file for an IPO in 2017, company CEO Drew Houston said Dropbox — valued at $10 billion — is cash-flow positive and not in any rush to go public.

We’ve covered software, but how have recent tech developments affected companies that work with heavy-duty machinery? According to former Groupon co-founder and current Uptake Technologies CEO Brad Keywell, that answer is data, data and more data. Uptake Technologies acts as a third-party data scientist and is Keywell’s attempt to be the analytics back end for industries like mining, construction, aviation and rail. The company was founded in 2014 and has raised $45 million in funding to date.

Lastly, we are putting a special twist on our traditional conferences. This year, our guests will be able to attend workshops hosted by numerous tech companies in the area.

The first on-location workshop we’re happy to announce will be at Lyft’s offices. Chief business officer David Baga will talk about how the way people travel for work has evolved and how it will continue to do so in the world of self-driving cars. He’ll also talk about the changing landscape of cities as local regulatory agencies make room for the robot cars soon to call their cities home.

We just have a few speakers left to announce, but tickets for our conference series sell quickly. Get yours today. You can register for Code Enterprise here.

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