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Recode Daily: Samsung is killing off the Galaxy Note 7 for good

Samsung gives up on its exploding phone, and investors give up on Samsung.

Consumer Product Safety Commission Announces Recall Of Samsung's New Galaxy Note 7 George Frey/Getty Images

Samsung is killing off the Galaxy Note 7. After telling carriers to stop selling its combustible phone, Samsung is giving up on the model for good. The move leaves Samsung without a high-end phone to compete with Apple's iPhone 7. Samsung stock is cratering. [Bloomberg]

Making its move into the office communication territory now held by Slack, Facebook took the beta tag off Workplace and began accepting subscriptions. The selling points: A familiar interface and competitive pricing. [Recode]

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments today in a five-year-old patent battle between Apple and Samsung. The issue that Silicon Valley is particularly interested in: How to calculate the monetary value of design patents. [Recode]

AOL is losing a key executive just as it is trying to figure out its organizational structure once its $4.68 billion acquisition by Verizon is complete. Jim Norton, AOL's global head of media sales, is moving to Condé Nast. [Recode]

On the latest episode of Recode Media with Peter Kafka, Vice News boss Josh Tyrangiel talks about "Vice News Tonight," a nightly news show on HBO that breaks with TV conventions to appeal to a millennial audience. [Recode]

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66.5 million viewers.

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Garg also previously ran M&A at Square.

Full transcript: Political consultant Bradley Tusk on Recode Decode

“Uber actually does a much better job working with government than people realize.”

This Is Cool

Charlie Rose interviews a robot

Part of a "60 Minutes" report on artificial intelligence. (Sophia: "I've been waiting for you." Charlie: "Waiting for me?" Sophia: "Not really, but it makes a good pickup line.")

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