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Samsung is halting production of its Galaxy Note 7

But it still isn’t acknowledging a safety issue exists with the replacement phones.

Daniel Franks via The Verge

Samsung is halting production of the Galaxy Note 7 as it continues to investigate reports that some replacement models are also overheating.

"We are temporarily adjusting the Galaxy Note 7 production schedule in order to take further steps to ensure quality and safety matters,” it said in a statement.

The move comes as all four of the four major U.S. carriers said they would no longer offer the replacement phone as an option to customers who bought the original device. Instead, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have said customers can get a refund or choose another model of smartphone. (Update: Sprint said Monday that it, too, has halted distribution of replacement Note 7 phones.)

“We recognize that carrier partners have stopped sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 in response to reports of heat damage issues, and we respect their decision,” Samsung said. “We are working diligently with authorities and third party experts and will share findings when we have completed the investigation.”

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has said it is “moving expeditiously” to investigate the issue, but has yet to say whether it continues to believe the replacement models are safe or not.

Samsung still isn’t acknowledging there is a safety issue with the replacement phones, despite at least five reports of the phones overheating, including one last week that caused a Southwest Airlines flight to be canceled.

“Even though there are a limited number of reports, we want to reassure customers that we are taking every report seriously. If we determine a product safety issue exists, Samsung will take immediate steps approved by the CPSC to resolve the situation.”

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