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Former Twitter M&A boss Rishi Garg is joining venture capital firm Mayfield

Garg also previously ran M&A at Square.


Rishi Garg, the former head of corporate development for both Twitter and Square, is joining venture capital firm Mayfield as an investing partner.

Garg left Twitter in June 2015 after a little more than a year and about a dozen acquisitions, including Periscope, TellApart and Niche. At Mayfield, Garg says he’ll look to invest in consumer companies more broadly, including areas he knows well from his past two gigs at Twitter and Square: Social media and financial tech.

“We were just joking that back in 2006, I remember everyone was like ‘ah, there are no more great [startup] ideas!’” he said in an interview with Recode. “There’s been some noise about that in the market today, but we’re optimists here. I definitely am ... the next 20 years are going to be incredible.”

Garg is Mayfield’s sixth investment partner and will primarily invest domestically. (The firm has funds in China and India, too.) Since leaving Twitter, Garg has made about a dozen angel investments of his own, but hasn’t announced any of them.

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