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Facebook, Microsoft and Google Say U.K. Spying Laws Are 'Step in the Wrong Direction'

Concern over privacy, encryption and losing the trust of users.


America’s biggest tech companies have united to criticize new digital surveillance laws proposed in the U.K.

In evidence submitted to the committee assessing the legislation, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Twitter warned that the U.K. government’s actions could have “far reaching implications.” The companies anticipate that “other countries will emulate” the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill, which includes controversial measures such as forcing ISPs to keep a record of every citizen’s Internet activity for the past year.

The bill was introduced by U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May last year, who says it will help fight organized crime, terrorism and cyberbullying. However, the bill has been roundly criticized by industry experts for its potential overreach and vague language.

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