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Tech Companies Should Work With the Government to Stop Terrorism, VC Albert Wenger Says

"If we’re fine with Facebook and Google knowing it, we should really be fine with using it to fight crime and terrorism."

Amelia Krales for Re/code

Albert Wenger is a partner at Union Square Ventures who has invested in companies like Etsy, MongoDB and Twilio — but he’s also an active blogger with a lot of opinions about technology and entrepreneurship and how they impact the real world.

Wenger waded into one of his more passionate topics, the ongoing standoff between Silicon Valley and the U.S. government, in an interview with Peter Kafka on the latest episode of "Re/code Decode." The short version of his argument: Techies and the feds should have an open conversation about working together, rather than each keeping secrets.

"If we’re fine with Facebook and Google knowing it, we should really be fine with using it to fight crime and terrorism," Wenger said. "But we have to do it in a way that’s compatible with democracy."

Amelia Krales for Re/code

Wenger also discussed what it’s like to be an investor at a time when many in the tech world have been exclaiming "bubble!" for years.

"Prices are never exactly what they should be," he said. "That would be a strange expectation. Some companies won’t succeed. But there won’t be this massive [pop], everybody’s down 90 percent, or everybody’s closing shop."

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