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Retail Chief Angela Ahrendts Remains Apple's Top-Paid Executive, Bringing in $25.8 Million in 2015

CEO Tim Cook received a $1 million pay raise.


Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts remains the tech giant’s top-paid executive, bringing in nearly $25.8 million in total compensation last year, according to a regulatory filing.

The former Burberry chief’s pay package includes a $1 million base salary, a $20 million stock grant, a $4 million bonus and relocation expenses of $474,981.

Ahrendts’s salary is down substantially from the prior year, when Apple offered her a lucrative package to leave her job with the luxury retailer and revitalize Apple’s online and brick-and-mortar stores. She knocked down $73.4 million in 2014, much of it in stock grants from Apple — $37 million to compensate her for the value of the Burberry stock that she walked away from in accepting the Apple job, plus a new-hire stock allocation valued at $33 million.

Apple CEO Tim Cook collected a package totaling $10.3 million in 2015, which included a $2 million base salary and an $8 million bonus. He holds stock worth $57.7 million — an amount that doesn’t include the $479 million current value of shares he was granted in 2011 when he was named Apple chief executive, but have not yet been earned or vested. Those will vest between now and August of 2021.

The board’s compensation committee granted Cook a $1 million raise in acknowledgement of his individual performance and leadership, which will bring his base salary to $3 million this year. Cook has pledged to give away his fortune to charity, except for the amount needed to pay for his nephew’s college education.

Internet software head Eddy Cue earned a compensation package totaling $25 million, which included a $20 million stock award. Chief Financial Officer Luca Maestri brought in $25.3 million in total compensation.

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